Dell Latitude Pt Lcd Display Assembly Removal And

Dell Venue Pro video repair tutorial was brought to you by SHOP FOR .I looked through ALL the documentation for the Latitude e and there is no reference to the word “hinge”. I can see how to remove the display assembly, but there is no reference to tightening the hinge which is part of the display assembly. Furthermore, removing the display assembly would remove the .Solved Hi, I have a Dell Latitude E on which the LED Screen Display Video shows steady vertical lines in the right half of the display. I have already tested the external VGA port it displays correctly on an external LCD monitor. This should help isolate if the issue is with LCD assembly. Based on .There likely is no way short of replacing the screen unfortunately, as with most touchscreens these days, the entire assembly needs to be replaced, as the individual parts digitizer, LCD, etc. aren t separately replaceable. As above, you CAN use a non touch screen but will need to replace the top half .

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