Solved Samsung Galaxy Note Marshmallow Page Rogers

I have a Samsung Note on the Rogers Wireless network and am not able to upgrade my OS to Marshmallow, although I have read on other website that this OS has been available on Rogers networks since May . I know how to check for system updates, but it always says I am running the latest .And to add insult to injury, Telus and Bell released marshmallow for the Sony Z. So, their customers get the latest OS on a year old device and us Rogers Note August customers just keep getting the shaft. Nice. Based on my conversation with the office of the president earlier today, I m am trying .Solved Any idea when this update will be released? Telus and Bell have already announced it. Telus is releasing it on th. What about Rogers?.Check out the Rogers Wi Fi Calling FAQs document that details all the ineligible services that may be impeading your Wi Fi Calling onboarding. In..

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